I create games, tutorials and Unity assets during my spare time. Like so many of us I'd love to move towards doing it more full time. Donations on my Patreon page help me move one step closer to that goal. Donations of all sizes are helpful and deeply appreciated.


Patrons will have access to a password protected page that will have download links for all of my Unity Assets - some that are on the Asset Store and others that are not. Patron only posts will also have links to high resolution renders of my Blender work (past and future work).

Lastly, and maybe most useful patrons will have preference on requests for new tutorials - this is tied directly into the goals set on the Patreon page. Once we hit $100 a month I intend to poll my patrons for a once (if not more) a month tutorial. Once we hit $500 a month I will look at taking requests and ideas for more elaborate and lengthy tutorials series. 

Other Ways to Show Support

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