I started created Unity tutorials to support a high school class that I teach. As I released those videos the channel has slowly grown and continues to get bigger and is helping more people than just my students. Over the last two years I’ve produced more than 100 videos! 

I’ve created videos on  Playmaker, LODs, Low Poly TerrainsBlender BasicsModular Day Night CycleBolt Visual Scripting and most recently a Top Down style game using Bolt. 

As the channel grows I am doing my darnest to release a new tutorial video each Saturday. Plus, when my day job allows I’ll doing a weekly stream or a quick clip showing my process in game development or making tutorials.

I want to keep making videos and keep offering them for free to the large game development community. The community gave me so much (my background is in physics with no formal CS background) and this is my way of giving a little bit back. 


Patrons will have access to a password protected page (on this site) that will have download links for all of my Unity Assets - some that are on the Asset Store and others that are not.

When lifetime dontations exceed a given value Patrons will receive steam keys to my games and early access to alpha builds of future games.

Lastly, and maybe most useful patrons will have preference on requests for new tutorials - this is tied directly into the goals set on the Patreon page. Once we hit $100 a month I intend to poll my patrons for a once (if not more) a month tutorial. Once we hit $500 a month I will look at taking requests and ideas for more elaborate and lengthy tutorials series. 

Other Ways to Show Support

No need to spend money to show your support. Come follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube Channel