Developer:                 One Wheel Studio Colorado, USA

Release Date:            June 9th 2016

Platforms:                    PC


Regular Price:           4.99 USD

Fracture the Flag is a PvP oriented RTS. Plant a flag to claim territory as your own. Hurl boulders in parabolic paths to crush your opponents base. Or hand deliver bombs to knock down stone walls.

Expand your territory by collecting resources and planting your flags. Some territory is rich in resources other has tactical and strategic value. Destroy your opponents flags to remove their claim and make your own. 

Fracture the Flag was inspired by memories of playing Crossbows and Catapults as a child. Each game trying to build a better wall or aim the crossbow just a little better... Makes me smile just to think about it.

Fracture the Flag has been in development since June 2014. What began as a curosity has now morphed into a hobby with a life of its own. FTF is the first release from One Wheel Studio.

All art, coding and design is the work of one lone (but not lonely) hobby designer. 

  • Multiplayer RTS combat
  • Single Player "Challenge Maps"
  • 2 Maps - more in the works
  • Physics based combat - flinging heavy stuff and exploding hand delivered bombs
  • Every game starts fresh - all buildings and units unlocked and fully upgradeble



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