“...create an RPG that wasn't sci-fi, wasn't fantasy, had no guns, no deaths and no enemies.”

- Ubisoft's Tommy Francois

So What Is It?

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It will be an economic RPG where burning coal will make you rich, but might cause flooding on your neighbor's farm.

There will be no wars to start. There will be no one that needs killing. There will be no weapons to craft. Only a lifestyle to choose and businesses to run.

It will be about choices and not judgement. Spend your time becoming an industrial leader. Or maybe you'd rather wander the woods and fish your dinner out of the rivers.  Or maybe start a new town, supplying housing, food and jobs. 

What choices will you make?



You hate spam. I hate spam. We all hate spam.

So this is me promising that I won't spam your email, but I will keep you up to date of important happenings in regards to Game #2. This may include invitations to test the game, early access to demos, who knows... I might forget about it all together.