Easy UI Styles for Unity

So like many of us when in the middle of the project it’s easy to get distracted and start building tools that probably take longer to create than the time the saved by the tool. And what do you know, a few years back I created Easy UI Styles…

I was finding it hard to iterate on my UI designs. I’d change a color here and it would look better, but then I’d need to change it 7 other places and then it was a tad or dark. Or a tad to light. Oh and then I wanted the font a bit smaller.


So Easy UI Styles let me define a style in a custom editor and then apply it object by object in the scene.

A little while back I started switching my project from UGUI text to Text Mesh Pro (holy crap it looks better) and Easy UI Styles didn’t support it. So down the rabbit hole I went! Several hours later the asset now supports 99% of the setting for Easy UI Styles - seemly there are 2 settings that can’t be set by an external script.

While I was at it I created a new video for the asset as well as a cut down free version of the asset. You can get the “Lite” version on the asset store once it’s accepted or until then you can download it here. The full paid version is free for my Patrons (wink wink).