FTF: Testing New Features

Recently I've been working to add a two new features to Fracture the Flag - both stretch goals. The first new feature is the addition of defensive watchtowers. The watchtowers can target workers, swordsman, siege weapons and enemy balloons, but won't target enemy buildings.

The towers provide much needed ranged defense against bombers and swordsman. Especially early in the game watchtowers can provide a good deal of security. They'll also easily knock down the new hot air balloon units.

Blender render of the bomb dropping hot air balloon

The hot air balloon unit does a low speed strafing run with three large and very effective bombs. While landing three bombs on a target can be devastating, the balloons themselves are relatively fragile and can be shot down by a watchtower fairly easily. Balloons are a one time use vehicle. After dropping their bombs they will fly off to the horizon.

The addition of the watchtower and hot air balloons (in early play testing) add a degree of balance and more variety to a player's strategy. It's also just really to see flaming arrows flying all over and bombs raining down on your opponents buildings.

A short teaser of the new features can be seen below.

For those who are REALLY interested I did a longer play testing session via Twitch. There are a few bugs and a few things that aren't ready for prime time, but you can see the new features (more or less) fully functional.