Introducing My Next Game (Video DevLog)

After my last game project was shelved, I started working on prototypes for a new game. Having learned the lessons of not just making prototypes but meshing those prototypes together early I built up the core mechanics of my next game over the span of a few weeks (just a few hours a week).

This was many times faster than my previous project.

I had the basics functioning and even better the prototypes were playing nice together. Seemly the next step was to starting building out content with, of course, lots of iterations of redesigning and refining.

As I made progress I could see that the amount of content that I needed to create could easily get overwhelming and potentially stick me back in a spot I didn’t want to be in. Designing and balancing content with little to no feedback seems like a poor choice and one that I want to avoid it if at all possible.

Learning from past mistakes, I knew that I needed to trim the game down. I needed to focus the game. I needed to get something playable and testable ASAP.

I’m looking at you my ugly ass combat system.

As I worked on the basic combat structures and mechanics I started to see that if the combat was refined it could do a lot for the game as a whole. If the combat is interesting and holds the players attention that would in some ways that take pressure off the other mechanics. Or more optimistically it could keep players engaged and maybe give the rest of the game time to mature as I build out content.

To take this one step further I saw that the combat alone could possibly make an entire game. Or at least a “mini game.” So I decided to take a horizontal slice of the game, just the combat, and do my best to polish and turn it into (potentially) a stand alone game. It seemed like a good idea and several months later it still does.

So enough typing, here’s my first DevLog video introducing the main idea of the game and the (very) rough prototype scenes.